CULTURAL Differences And people MANAGEMENT

CULTURAL Differences And people MANAGEMENT

In an individual time or a new on one’s living, it is very attainable to search out by yourself in a very scenario where you will need to interact with everyone that don’t keep the very same cultural values as you do. In such a issue, it is usually crucial for a person put different issues into consideration. For instance, you may find which the variety of food items that you simply try to eat isn’t the very same given that the an individual from a culture. “…At these occasions, you might find you getting much of dilemmas embracing the changes…” (Gelfand & Leung: 514). However, it is rather worthwhile to ensure that you find out ways in which you can convert to changing to the norms of the tradition. As it happens to be normally said, change is always inevitable but there are also instances we are left with no option but to embrace the changes.

Growing up in the city has made me grow up thinking that the entire world is just like home. What I mean is, I have lived in New York city for almost the entire of my childhood. I have lived seeing human beings drive big cars, attend school and do the normal activities. Little did I know that there are many people whose normal existence is totally different from mine. Last summer, my parents and I went for a vacation to Africa and I experienced a totally different society there. This paper focuses on cultural diversities and other people administration. It shows how different cultures do their operations as opposed to others. It also shows how to react and fit in different cultures as well as some leadership skills that a person should apply when appointed leader from a different tradition.

Gender Inequality

In almost all cases, when gender inequality is mentioned, women especially the girl child comes to the minds of many. Gender inequality is outlined in countless processes especially in those of management whereby the number of female workers is disproportionate to male workers when you climb the ladder (Firestone, 2013). It happens to be different in scope and practice but this diary examines the African context I experienced.

Through my adventure in Africa and through interviewing different visitors who live in the tropical forests of Africa, it has come to my attention that there are cultures that still don’t acknowledge the importance of educating their female children. When I enquired from different regular people, there were many reasons as to why the girl child should not be educated. Furthermore, these individuals seemed so firm with their practices and convictions meaning that they are not expected to change at all. According to what they believe, a girl child should stay home and do chores with her mother while her brothers go to school. Its so unfortunate the kind of world we are living. “There are so many discrepancies in culture that people young and old don’t even know…” that are outlined in cultural perspectives of different individuals. (Jackson & Wang 912). Maybe it really is because they never stop to think about it. When we are so well off with our lives and going to school thinking that is the normal existence that persons should be living, there are individuals that live a totally different everyday living. There are consumers out there who don’t even know how to write their own names because they have been denied the chance to do so by their cultural beliefs and customs.

In that region, they also believe that a girl should also not get any share of his father’s or parent’s inheritance. They believe that girls should wait until they are mature enough they are married off and are expected to inherit from the new homes. I couldn’t stop wondering what a girl should do when she doesn’t get married off yet her time has already arrived. I lost my patience and I had to ask that question. I was told that this sort of stuff don’t happen. When I asked the reason, it was simple; the girls know who will marry them as soon as they are born. Furthermore, payment of dowry starts right after they are born. Sometimes they are not told who is going to marry them until the time comes and they are mature enough to get married. This is normally around 18 to 22 years of age. The information I got really shocked me. I couldn’t believe that there are people today who don’t go through education or who get married off against their will. I was trying to set myself in a similar circumstances and I realized that fitting into such a tradition would be the hardest task I would ever take.

Cultural Discrepancies within Cultures

Moreover, I came to realize that there are so many cultural differences that occur within cultures of the identical persons. What this means that there are cultures that still have distinctions within themselves. These are intercultural variations are common everywhere all over the world. “…You will get a certain society that doesn’t perform certain elements exactly the same way other many people do in precisely the same culture…” (Williams & Hardison 512). From my research I have come to realize that in most cases, these intercultural dissimilarities are attributed to traditional grounds. As it has been with many cultures, men and women have been following what their forefathers used to do. However, some cultural values have faded away due to globalization as well as other factors. I realized that there are certain cultures cut across between tribal basis. There are some tribes in the very same culture that cannot intermarry with each other. As said earlier, these things happen is there were conflicts between them and their forefathers. The conflicts and distinctions are hence passed from generation to generation and finally you pick that doing these types of important things will be a way of showing disrespect to the forefathers.

According to what the many people believe, doing against their ancestors is a taboo and could very well cause to punishment from the ancestors. I was amazed by these cultural beliefs. According to what I believe, I can fall in love and marry with any person of my choice regardless of their beliefs. I also noticed that there are distinctions with the types of foods that they feed as well. Most of their foods are the same but there are foods that are incredibly rare to uncover in some places and plenty in other places in precisely the same lifestyle. The difference in meals is one more intercultural differences that I noticed. Furthermore, there are practices considered taboo in some men or women and others are just normal. Furthermore, I also came to realize that there are differences in their languages. I found out that despite the fact these buyers have the identical beliefs, there are a few dissimilarities in their languages. Some of their words could perhaps rhyme while there are others that are totally different in every aspect. Furthermore, I noticed that there are words that are pronounced identical way but totally different in meaning. This is worthwhile in realizing that the use of language impacts the perception that most people have around them. I have been brought up in a place where exactly there is only just one common language and if I hear someone using a different language, what comes into my mind is that the person is absolutely not from this place. It truly is significant for buyers to learn their cultural distinctions and work on solving their variations to avoid any conflicts that are capable of rising from identical. These dissimilarities that are present within cultures can also lead to acts of violence when families are faced with variations. These types of is the case through the examination of the differences in religion through the study of Christianity and Islam. Although both essentially have the same beginnings in the Old testament, variations in practice have led to conflict in both ancient and modern occasions.

Cross-cultural Leadership

Leadership is the act of influencing buyers or a group of everyday people into performing lots of actions towards the achievement of certain goals (Gelfand, Aycan, Erez & Leung, K., 2017, 514). Leaders have various sorts of tasks that need to be fulfilled in whatever cultural environment they are faced with. As an illustration, leaders should continuously be motivated so that the also pass the motivation to the team members regardless of background. Furthermore, leaders should also ensure that they are informed of the operations of the organizations that they are leaders in. This means that leaders should ensure that they know exactly what is culturally appropriate for the many people that they are leading. Being informative helps them give specific details of the tasks that they want done. Most leaders normally become especially good managers in the future. However, it will be beneficial to note that leaders have a number of variances from managers. As leaders give directions and plans of what should be done, its the duty of the manager to follow up and ensure that these tasks are performed and in the right manner. Sometimes leaders force conditions when they are chosen to lead consumers that are from different cultures from them.

Through experience, I witnessed my dad go through a great deal of conditions when he travelled to China to become the managing director of a smartphone manufacturing company. He used to narrate to me how he struggled to communicate to them. Communication barrier can be a big problem to citizens when they mix with other cultures. In some cases, companies recommend that families learn a common language these types of as English to ease communication. Communication barrier has been reported as a person of the main issues that folks go through during their interaction with other cultures. In like cases, costs of interpretation are incurred which is normally a waste of time. It is really also significant to note that in some cases, women and men normally face differences in interests and preferences due to a change in tradition (Schroeder & Mandala 71). As an illustration, my father was no so used to Chinese food despite the fact that he had tried it once. Unfortunately, he didn’t like it and hence he didn’t feel comfortable eating the meals. He normally missed obtaining some dinner from home and told me that every time. He also complained of getting challenges coordinating the consumers to perform the tasks that he needed them done. Sometimes he even faced resistance from some workers that undermined him because he was not not from their world as they claimed. However, he moved on with his work and ignored them until both the workers and him got used to a particular a second and started working together. Through tolerance and patience my dad became assimilated to the tradition and practices of the Chinese helping him become a better business leader.

Significance of Cultural Diversities

Cultural distinctions have considerably of significance to the families. There are so many most people who make a living from cultural variances. Cultural differences have created many jobs. For illustration, there are customers who normally act as interpreters at the borders or major markets to ease business transactions. These buyers get paid handsomely for their work since without them, certain business transactions wouldn’t be carried on. Furthermore, there are other consumers who act middlemen between many people of different cultures for the purposes of enabling business activities. For instance, during my visit to Africa, I met several folk who spoke English and were selling products to us. These human beings had gone to school and learnt English purposely to enable them perform these businesses. We learnt that these families normally buy these products at relatively cheap prices and then sell them to tourists to make profit. The local women and men who don’t understand English are left with no choice but to sell them to them because they don’t have the capability to sell them to sell their products directly to the tourists.

Moreover, cultural discrepancies are essential in the sense that they bring along the knowledge and expertise needed by companies to set up businesses. There are so many people today that form alliances with the local folk to set up partnerships and start organizations. I have seen rather many organizations with owners from totally different cultural backgrounds. In these cases, the local everyday people has the task of helping the foreign partners with local knowledge. On the other hand, the foreign partners normally get knowledge from their countries and apply it to the local organizations for the betterment of the overall company (Moran 2014:61). The main aim of these alliances and partnerships is to bring profit for the partners. The local partner normally has a duty of ensuring that he has all the knowledge of the market as well as that of the suitable customers. Its also the responsibility of the local partner to ensure the organization has captured all the needs and preferences of the customers so that they deliver the best products as well as gain the competitive advantage. The cultural diversity between these individuals also there is a wide range of market for their products. In most cases, the goods are normally sold to the countries from whom these partners come from thereby making the concepts of lifestyle and influence into other nations.

Cultural Adjustment/Adaptation

It is critical to find ways in which a particular can adjust to countless cultural diversities that people today go through. Regardless of the cultural discrepancies that most people go through, at one particular time or a different, a single might possibly come across himself inside a position in which they really have to adjust to the available cultural diversities. These are cases wherever citizens pick themselves in situations in which they have no option but to adjust to the place. My father made me realize that it’s not almost always as easy as it possibly will sound to adjust to these changes. For example, you may find that families are not responsive to your orders as a leader which may well make you so irritated. A person thing that I have come to learn in the process of adjusting to all sorts of cultural diversities is that respect may be very critical. Respect comes in especially when you are the odd a person out in a certain society (Ibert & Muller:591). For instance, if you are in an organization whose members are of a different tradition from yours, it happens to be key to ensure that you respect their decisions as well as ensuring that you choose to are humble and easily follow instructions. I learnt that being humble and trying to create friends is a critical thing when faced with this type of state of affairs. Being violent will raise quite a bit of hatred and they might probably plot bad elements to you. However, you should not be relatively soft on them and forget your responsibilities.

Moreover, in the process of adapting to a certain tradition, it is really critical to follow multiple steps that are helpful to for your success in the process. I have learnt that it is very crucial for one particular to go through the spectator phase first. In this phase, an individual is only supposed to watch as important things are done and learn how they are being performed. When I went to Africa, it’s so obvious that I had no knowledge pertaining to how they, talk, cook as well as do their daily activities. I had only heard stories that I never thought that were real. I therefor had to go to the place and confirm it myself. Since I had no slight information of how items are done there, I had to wait and watch them and then copy from them. This phase is quite very important because it ensures that citizens don’t jump into doing points the way they are used to and then it occur to them later that they have done the wrong thing. This phase helps avoid any disputes “…Later after learning their way of doing details, you can go through the first society shock where exactly one particular now receives different responses upon his actions…” (Burtch & Wattal: 99). This is just where one is corrected is he does something in an unacceptable manner. Later after perfecting this stage, one particular is able to adapt to the way of existence of the human beings. Within a while, a person becomes unbelievably flexible to the tradition and hence becomes part of the tradition. It is always necessary to note that this is a gradual process and can take a long time depending on the way just one is learning.


The world is full of cultural diversification because of the existence of several cultures that are present within it. It really is valuable for leaders to get in touch with the cultural aspects of business if they aim to succeed in the administration of personnel. Cultural differences are also felt in more subtle terms like as through interaction. My dad had a problem with getting accustomed to Chinese cuisine. These subtleties can often lead to greater disagreements along the lines of cultural interaction. Especially inside of a nation like China which requires the conduction of business deals while breaking bread (Mu, Kityama & Helfund, 2015, 15558). The world today is full of cultural diversities. Everywhere that regular people travel in the world, there are normally culture that do not resemble with theirs in all or some perspectives. It is rather crucial for people young and old to learn ways of handling these cultural diversities so that day to day activities are easily achieved. Everyday people are normally faced with loads of trouble trying to adapt to their new cultures. It is usually therefore paramount for them to humble themselves and to follow the right steps of adjustment.

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